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The quality of care and neglect toolkit has been devised to be used when concerned about a child being neglected.

Quality of Care and Neglect toolkit- Introduction

Quality of Care and Neglect Toolkit- Guidance

Quality of Care and Neglect Toolkit- Checklist

What is the Quality of care and neglect toolkit?

The Quality of care and Neglect toolkit is designed to assist you in identifying and assessing children who are at risk of neglect. It is to be used when you are concerned that the quality of care of a child you are working with suggests that their needs are being neglected. It will help you to reflect on the childs circumstances and will help you put your concerns into context and identify strengths and resources. The Child Neglect tool can be used to inform decision-making, assessments and planning. It can also be used in one to ones with managers or in supervision. It is a tool that can be used with families and does not replace assessments such as the Common Assessment Framework, Early Help Assessment or Childrens Social Care assessments but should be used in conjunction with them.

There is a short film produced by HSCB based on the case of Family E. If you are interested in viewing this  please email  We also have an encrypted USB which can be used for Harrow council staff to use on laptops at work. This offer is only for people working with children in Harrow.