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Whistleblowing Advice Line

In addition to individual agency requirements to have own whistle blowing policies in place, the government has commissioned NSPCC to provide an alternative service. This is for those who feel dissatisfied in using their agency’s internal  procedures.

Whistleblowing Advice Line

The NSPCC has recently launched a whistleblowing helpline to provide free advice and support to professionals wanting to raise concerns about how child protection issues are being handled in their own or other organisations.

The advice line was commissioned by the Home Office as a firm commitment made by Government in its response to failures to protect children from sexual exploitation in Rotherham and the Government’s subsequent Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation report.

Who can call?

Anyone can call the whistleblowing advice line if they have a concern about a child and how that concern is being handled. We urge professionals to call if they believe:

  • their own or another employer will cover it up
  • their employer will treat them unfairly for complaining
  • the concern hasn’t been sorted out and they have already told them about it.

The advice line provides free help and advice to people who suspect their organisation might be putting children at risk, even if they’re not certain that this is the case. You can call the advice line about an incident that happened in the past, is happening now, or that you believe might happen in the future

The number is:     0800 028 0285