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Child Deaths


Child Death Overview Panel

The CDOP is an independent multidisciplinary panel that provides a review of all deaths of children who are under 18 and resident in Hounslow.

CDOP also uses the information gathered to develop interventions and recommendations both locally and nationally to improve the health and safety of children in order to prevent future deaths.

When a child dies, there is statutory requirement and public expectation that the death will be comprehensively reviewed and that services provided to the child will be evaluated in a manner which promotes learning and transparency. The review process is also compelled by a deeply entrenched moral imperative to act to protect young lives by identifying and addressing risks and making recommendations for improvement of services.

The CDOP’s process aim to promote the transparency of the child death case review requirement by ensuring all cases are scrutinised by an independent appointed panel with expertise in the fields of public health, paediatrics and child health, neonatology, paediatric pathology, mental health, children’s social care, investigations and child protection, nursing, midwifery, general practice, child safety (police), education, youth crime reduction and other members who can otherwise make a valuable contribution. The expertise of its members assists the CDOP to fulfil its role to apply a child-focused consideration to each individual review and to develop recommendations for improvement.

The remit of the CDOP includes a Rapid Response function. The Rapid Response process includes a group of key professionals who come together for the purpose of enquiring into, and evaluating, the unexpected death of a child. Professionals involved in this process provide initial support to the family and help to inform the subsequent CDOP review process.

16 partners from CCGs and LAs covering Brent, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster created the North West London Child Death Review (NWL CDR) service, to deliver the  Child Death Review statutory requirements.

North West London [NWL] eCDOP:

Contact Details:

North West London Child Death Review Team

Single Point of Contact Child Death Review

Tel: 0203 350 4806


For further information about the NWL CDR  approach see our ˜Statement of Transition here

Child Death Overview Panel (pre 2020)

From the 1st April 2008, LSCBs have statutory responsibility to review all deaths of children (0 days 18 years old) who were normally resident in the LSCB area.

Child Death Notification

Child Death Overview Panel (pre October 2019) 
Child Death Notification


The Child Death Overview Panel was established in April 2008 and is a sub group of each Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB). The government requires each LSCB to carry out a review of all child deaths in their area, following the processes set out in Working Together to Safeguard Children (2018).

The aim of CDOP is to look at the service provided by agencies to identify if there are gaps in the provision and to ensure that appropriate support and care have been put in place for the family following the childs death.

Where lessons can be learnt from individual cases, the panel will identify actions that need to occur and feedback to the agency concerned.

CDOP also has responsibility for identifying any themes that may occur in relation to child deaths and make recommendations about them.

Where the death is sudden and unexpected it is dealt with via a rapid response meeting which is attended by all professionals who have known the child. At this meeting professionals share relevant information about the circumstances leading to the childs death and identify who is going to offer bereavement support to the family/carer.

There is a fixed core membership on the CDOP, which is drawn from key organisations represented on the LSCB, including Public Health, the CCGs Designated Professional for safeguarding and rapid response,  Social Care, a designated Paediatrician and Child Health professional and the Police, The Panel meets quarterly to discuss the cases involved in confidence, and their findings are reported annually in a public report to the LSCB.