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Healing Together Trauma Informed Programme for young people aged 6 to 9 year olds Commencing August 2021

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Safeguarding Training

It is everyone’s responsibility to keep children safe.

Multi-agency training is a priority for the Safeguarding Partners. It helps to ensure that practitioners and their managers are equipped with the right knowledge and experience to carry out their duties and responsibilities.

HSCB offers introductory E-Learning  safeguarding training and  a multi-agency training programme.

The HSCB Pathway should assist you in identifying the appropriate level of child protection training for your role here.

In Harrow, the Partnership provides HSCB Introduction and HSCB Advanced training for Safeguarding Leads to attend. Once this training has been undertaken Safeguarding Leads can keep up to date through a range of safeguarding training and learning events.

We do not require Safeguarding Leads to repeat the HSCB Introduction and HSCB Advanced courses unless they have been out of this role or have become out of touch.

The additional training/learning events are provided to help those in key safeguarding roles across the Partnership keep up to date and refresh their knowledge of safeguarding practice and developments, the services available and learning from audits and reviews.  This was agreed by the Partnership as being a more relevant and effective way of equip staff to undertake their roles and keep them up to date – and provides more in-depth information and guidance.

The voluntary sector also provides safeguarding training and for further information contact Voluntary Action Harrow.

Please note that any training undertaken via the HSCB must only be booked with the agreement of your line manager.

HSCB Multi Agency Training Programme 2021

The HSCB classroom training programme is for practitioners and volunteers who work predominately with, or who are in regular contact with, children and young people.

Please see the HSCB Multi-Agency Training Calendar for 2021 here.

How to apply for a course

To book onto HSCB Multi-Agency Safeguarding Training, you will need to apply/book online here.

A guide to accessing courses via the Learning Pool is available here.

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Multi-agency safeguarding training is free to organisations that financially contribute to the work of the Board and to voluntary, faith, community and residents organisations and groups who are not in receipt of a training grant or have a limited training budget, subject to negotiation with the Board Manager. Organisations who do not contribute to the LSCB budget will be expected to pay to attend HSCB Introduction and HSCB Advanced training .  There is a charge for profit making organisations, agencies in receipt of a training grant, and schools and colleges in Harrow. There is no charge to attend HSCB Learning Events.

Information sessions and dissemination of SCRs are free.

Course Fee Structure

Attendance ChargesCharges

(from Sept 2018)

HSCB Advanced Multi Agency Risk Assessment and Decision Making in Child Protection£100
HSCB Introduction to Safeguarding and Child Protection£60
HSCB Learning EventsFree
Harrow Council employees, and voluntary, faith bodies & charitiesFree
Partner agencies who provide funding to HSCBFree

Course places are in high demand, so if you are unable to attend it is vital that you or your manager contact the LSCB Administrator. Less than 10 days notice of cancellation or non attendance on HSCB Introduction and HSCB Advanced training will incur a £50 charge.

Emergency situations will be judged by HSCB on an individual basis and must be formally communicated by email to before the commencement of the course.

Individuals, agencies or organisations who do not adhere to HSCB’s Pricing and Cancellation Charge Policy may be excluded from future courses at the discretion of HSCB.

If you have any comments, questions or queries about the work of the LSCB Learning and Development Team, the Training programme or individual courses, don’t hesitate to contact us via email


Harrow Safeguarding Partnership Annual Conference 2021 Contextual Safeguarding and County Lines

What to do if you are worried about a child. To discuss concerns or make a referral: