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Quality Assurance Framework

In order to achieve its statutory functions, Harrow Safeguarding Children Board (HSCB) is required to have a good understanding of the effectiveness of safeguarding arrangements and services in its area.   This Framework is set out to provide the HSCB with a clear structure for planning and overseeing its evaluative responsibilities and draws from the London Safeguarding Childrens Board Guidance for strategic partnerships and individual organisations with safeguarding responsibilities ˜Improving Local Safeguarding Outcomes (2011).

The Framework also incorporates the lines of enquiry applied by the LGA LSCB Diagnostic Tool (2015) to establish whether the HSCB is effective in its scrutiny arrangements and in its response to the findings from the quality assurance processes (Appendix A).

The London LSCB Framework contains three elements:

  1. The identification of the HSCBs areas for examination including current priorities
  2. The identification and application of three types of performance information for each area under examination
  3. The need to obtain information from an appropriately balanced range of sources, using a range of sources methods

The idea of this framework is that a wide range of people within organisation can and should be involved in the collation of quality assurance information. Quality assurance needs to be owned and sustainable, an important part of the core business for both the HSCB and its member agencies.

Click here to download QA Framework 2015-16

Click here to download QA Framework Guidance 2016