The Wish Centre

The WISH Centre (WISH) is a charity supporting young people into recovery from self harm, violence, abuse and neglect. We do this through providing a safe and confidential place with problem focused counselling at our Centre and in schools; text and online support; self harm peer support programmes; advice and help for keeping safe; campaigning and innovative & creative workshops for teenagers, and much more. WISH is run by psychotherapists and young people in recovery from self harm who are ex-service users. Every year 90% young people coming to WISH stop self harming and improve their emotional well being and personal safety.

Self Harm Support:

The WISH Centre supports young people who self harm through a combination of peer support programmes, counselling, youth projects and individual support plans and campaigning. The work we do has been developed with young people who self harm and we understand that part of a healing journey involves finding a voice in the public domain which is why we also have a focus on media and awareness raising projects.

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